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COVID 19 | Fuquay Veterinary Hospital
Call from the parking lot, don't go inside.
We now close at 1:00pm on weekdays, noon on Saturday.
You are encouraged to wear a mask.

COVID 19 Changes

In light of current recommendations for social distancing, Fuquay Veterinary Hospital will be adopting new guidelines for seeing appointments. Though we will continue at this time to see our scheduled appointments, we wish to keep both our staff and clients as safe as possible, and appreciate your consideration during this time.

1. Only one person in the office at a time.
Please come alone with your pets, no additional family members in the building if at all possible.

2. No clients in exam rooms.
After giving patient history and discussing care for your visit, please wait outside weather allowing, or in our lobby otherwise. All necessary communication will be via telephone. Be sure to give your cell phone number at check-in.

3. Payment by phone.
Our reception staff will contact you to take a credit or debit payment over the phone. If you need to pay with cash or check, please communicate this to us beforehand.

4. Good leashes and carriers.
For your pet's safe handling in the office, please be sure you have a strong leash and a snugly-fitted collar for your dog, and a secure carrier for you cat.

5. Call ahead.
Contact us the day before your appointment if you have not received a confirmation call. We intend to keep our doors open for the sake of our patients and our staff alike, but unforeseen circumstances my arise.

6. Social distancing.
Please be conscious of CDC guidelines to keep a six-foot distance between persons at all times, particularly when it comes to our reception staff. You are encouraged to sit comfortably on our lobby benches to fill out any necessary paperwork. Hand sanitizer is conveniently provided at both check-in and check-out desks.

We understand these circumstances are not ideal, and ask for your patience as we navigate how best to handle the situation. This is new for us, and we are doing our best to continue to provide services in a safe and healthy manner.